Agrícola Circasia SAS CI is a rose producing farm that is oriented towards fulfilling the highest quality expectations in the market in order to accomplish its mission statement. We have been Rainforest Alliance certified since 2009 in order to reinforce out team’s compromise with sustainable development, environmentally friendly practices, respect and the law.

Established in 1980, Aposentos Flower Farms is one of the leading growers and exporters of fresh-cut carnations and spray carnations in the world. Located on the northern Bogota Savannah, we produce our flowers in 80 hectares of covered, state of the art greenhouses. Our lifelong experience as growers along with innovative practices have made Aposentos Farms the best option for carnations and spray carnations around the world.

AYURA SAS is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of fresh cut flowers with the highest standards of quality and good agricultural practices that generate added value to the sector, our processes are conducted under continuous improvement principles, guaranteeing our customers the satisfaction of obtaining a product of optimum quality in the market that complies with the principles of Social Responsibility and Care of the Environment.

Welcome to C.I. Inverpalmas, we grow and export top quality fresh cut flowers. In our company, each flower is carefully selected in order to ensuring its quality and freshness. Welcome to know more about Inverpalmas.

Known in the flower industry as “Carnation specialists”, Colibri Flowers started growing cut flowers in 1987. Today we grow top quality carnations, spray carnations, Green ball and red roses in a our 65 hectares, located forty five minutes away from the Bogota airport. With thirty years of experience, we have earned a reputation of quality growers maintaining the highest social and environmental responsibility credentials in the industry.

Flores de Serrezuela S.A. is a Colombian family owned company, founded in 1985, that produces the highest quality fresh cut flowers in the world, and commercializes them directly in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. We have fifty four hectares under greenhouse, located along the Bogotá plateau, where carnations, spray carnations, roses and calla lilies are grown using the best quality plant materials coming from prominent breeders across the world.

Matina Flowers was founded in 2004 in Bogota / Colombia with one objective in mind and it was to produce top quality roses for the most demanding markets in the world, in this short period of time Matina has been able to stablish itself as one of the top brands from all over the world in the niche of top Quality roses. MATINA FLOWERS is located in a trully privileged land. In the heart of the Andean valley, at 2,600 meters over the sea level lies the savanah of Bogota, where our greenhouses are located. Our high altitude, abundant water, and consistent sunlight create unparalleled conditions to grow the best roses all year round.

Ours farms are located in the Sabana of Bogotá where the climate provides the perfect growing conditions with long hours of sunlight. We have 34 planted hectares of Roses (10), Carnations (16) and Mini Carnations (8). More than 700 people work at Flores Aurora to assure the final consumer receives flowers of good quality and freshness for a long lasting vase life. The harvesting, along with grading process and packing is carried out with care and professionalism by our qualified personnel. Our main concern is the well being of our personnel. We therefore, seek to improve their standard of living by offering them permanent social and medical care services. Along with FlorVerde and Rainforest (certified), a social and environmental programs, we are working together to reduce the use of energy, water and chemical substances in all flowers in order to prevent alterations in the ecological environment. Taking care of pest control, organic composting and recycling. As Well as the human health, child care, training and family assistant.